The 9 inch assortment was introduced in 1994.  Each figure has has a removable costume, somewhat similar to the Mego Star Trek line. All 9" Figures had an age suggestion of Ages 4 and Up.
9" Basic Asstortment Figures Asst# 6280 Many figures included in these assortments.
9" Generations Movie Figures Asst#6146 Kirk, Picard, LaForge, Data
9" First Contact Movie Figures Asst# 16130 Picard, Data, Riker, Cochrane
9" Insurrection Movie Figures Asst# 65360 Picard, Riker, LaForge, Data, Anij, Ruafo, Worf, Troi
9" Warp Factor Series 1 Odo, Tuvok, Chakotay
9" Warp Factor Series 2 Janeway, Bashir, Paris
9" Warp Factor Series 3 Jem H'adar, Dukat, Kirk
9" Warp Factor Series 4 Sisko, Dax, Seven of Nine
9" Warp Factor Series 5 Talosian, Bele, Garak
9" Kaybee Toys Exclusives Classic Episode Based Figures
9" Spencer Gifts Exclusives Next Generation Picard and Riker
9" Target Exclusives Many Different
2000 9" KB Re-Releases Asst#65690 Most of the 9" WF Series - Rereleased

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